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Mark Jones from Michigan Storage Products has been very helpful as our company grew over recent years. We knew we needed good, used equipment to replace our “salvage yard” racking that carried us through our first year and Mark helped with an affordable solution. As we grew, and needed more storage, Mark was there and anxious to help, even though we were still a fairly small operation.
Two years ago, we needed to outfit a 14,000 foot warehouse and Mark arranged the timing for equipment delivery and set up crew as we had a narrow window to complete the job. Now, as our redesign incorporates a higher density solution, Mark is the one we will call. He has helped provide solutions that will increase our storage capacity by 50% without increasing our footprint and actually creating more available floor space for future expansion. I recommend that Michigan Storage Products be on your list of contacts if you need a partner in finding storage solutions.

Ron Rose

Director of Operations, Total Life Changes, LLC

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